Quotes will be based upon the following guidelines:
(Normal hours of work)

  • £70 Minimum Charge
  • £70 per hour or part-of hour

Larger Jobs/Projects can be estimated as required.

Out of hours work is priced differently, the rate may be at time and a half or double depending on the hours the work is carried out.

All materials marked up by a minimum of 20%.

Costs for sourcing and collecting materials will be priced accordingly to time spent.

Prices are made to the nearest half an hour, depending on location from our office there may be charges for travel time.

We cannot be held responsible for additional time spent on jobs due to a lack of parking nearby, as often visits to the van for materials is essential to getting a job done correctly.

We cannot be held responsible for faults found with existing wiring.

There are times that electrical installations need dismantling for fault finding or maintenance, if there is damage to decorations we will endeavour to keep the work as tidy as possible, but cannot be held responsible for a badly installed electrical installation.

Example of such problems would be that DIY decorating has painted the accessories to the walls, making removal difficult. This in it self does not comply with regulations, as equipment should be accessible for testing and maintenance purposes.

There are various requirements necessary to be in place to enable certification of works.
e.g. Main water and earth bonding must be in place before carrying out additions and alterations.

**Prices are for guidance only.

Services Offered

  • Domestic / Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Periodic Inspection & Testing
  • PAT Testing
  • Maintenance